The Big Bite

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear Olive,

OK, so I may have been a little over zealous with my enthusiasm about how great I was feeling yesterday. Or maybe I actually was feeling that great. Today, however, I do not feel that great. I'm tired. I'm just bloody tired, all the bloody time! I know your Dadda is sick of hearing about it - I'm sick of complaining about it, but it's just completely overwhelming. I hate that one of the most overriding experiences from this whole first year of having you is how desperately tired I am. But we have another issue going on right now. You've been biting my nipple when I'm feeding you. Hard. It is so so so so painful, I cannot tell you. You've drawn blood twice and on the bite side now it's excruciating to feed you. I've been expressing and giving you the milk from that side in a bottle because I'm scared of re-bites. And I'm stressed because I know not as much comes out when I express so now you're getting less milk. I'm not too sure what I should do, I've tried doing what the "experts" recommend to no avail so far. On top of this, I had a fight with your Dadda (over nothing much in particular except I'm probably crazy because I'm tired) and now he's gone away for the night to play a show in Brisbane. 

On the upside, we had yum cha this morning with Hayes, Sarah, Anika, Jimi and Roxy. Yum cha makes everything seem a bit better. You really love and respond to your aunts and uncles and cousin, it makes me so happy. Thank goodness for family! I bought a bunch of colourful, happy flowers to cheer myself up too. I think it worked.


Maxabella said...

Oh no! Not the biting baby syndrome. I experienced the exact same thing with my first when he was nearing one. It was just before he self-weaned so I don't know if maybe Olive is getting a bit over the feeding as well or whether it's something all babies do. It's so painful!! Hope it ends for you soon (the biting, not the breastfeeding!).

Don't be guilty about being tired all the time. I'm six years in with 3 kids and I still finding myself biting my lip not to say "I'm so tired" for the 100th time this week. I think it's just part of parenting young children, I'm afraid. x

Anika said...

Love the photos of Olive with Hayes! So so so cute. Kel, I would definitely call the ABA about the biting during feeding, their national line is 1800 mum 2 mum. Definitely ask about nipple shields. Does she tend to bite towards the end of a feed? It might be a sign there isn't as much milk left and she is starting to either get a bit frustrated, or just muck about - if this is the case, you could try taking her off a bit earlier maybe? Don't worry about her not getting enough though, remember I fed Roxy entirely off one side from the time she was 4 months old and she was obviously getting plenty - and still going strong off that one side 2.5 years later! Even if you did only feed her off the one side, your supply will adjust to just the right amount she needs.

Good luck! And yep, yum cha makes everything better... hope you're having a good day xxxx

Mia said...

Boy, she is such a cutie... Not so cute with the nipple biting though right? I hope you find your way out of the dreaded stress, feed, stress cycle ASAP! X.


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