Citizen on Patrol

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Olive,

Where we live, is so beautiful. Every time we go down to the beach (almost every day), I take a moment to breathe it in and appreciate the incredible landscape. There is something about looking at the water that is healing for your soul. I also, unfortunately, get to take in the incredible stupidity and selfishness of the people who visit here. People leave rubbish and cigarette butts everywhere. It's disgusting, and it boggles my mind that people who come to enjoy the beach, treat it this way. Today we watched as a woman near us dropped a cigarette butt on the ground. I became emboldened and my inner citizen on patrol took over. You just littered a cigarette butt on the ground, I pointed out loud enough so the small crowd gathered at the crossing heard every word. Chalk up a win for the good guys as the woman, clearly embarrassed, walked back and picked up her butt. I took off at a cracking pace in case she came after me, a little scared but exhilarated all the same. I've always been a woman of strong convictions (ok, often a little more talk than action), but somehow being your Mum has encouraged me to stand up that little bit extra for what I believe in, because everything suddenly has so more meaning. 

PS Yes, still going with the hipstamatic app - I can't get enough!


jen storer said...

It's Baywatch Kellie and Olive style! Hoorah for you! jx

this free bird said...

Long live the Hipstamatic...and moms who stand up for no butts at the beach - cigarette or otherwise :)


Evie said...

littering is one of my pet hates. i cant stand it especially cigarette butts! YAY for you getting her to come back and put it in the bin! : )

Nell said...

Love the app. Use it always! Beautiful pictures. xx

Anonymous said...

Go team!

I also despise littering. Little T is the same though she takes the Clean Up Australia approach and just picks up after everyone else. Which is lovely, right, but oh so gross.


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