Joyeux Anniversaire

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Olive, 

One year ago today you were a wee babe of 7 days, in my arms as my lovely brother married the beautiful Sarah. I was rather, er, tired*, but the magnitude of the love in the paddock that day stayed with me for a long time. Mountains of anniversary love Hayes and Sarah xx

* overwhelmed, hadn't slept, teary, sore, really really really tired. 


Hayes said...

Thanks Dear Olive!

We were just so glad that Olive made it in time (although it was a nail-biter), so that you guys could make it to the wedding. Even tired as you were, it meant the world to us that you were all there to help us celebrate the 'big day' - we certainly felt the love.

Little Paper Trees said...

wow, this looks like such a stunning wedding - where is the location?

dear olive said...

Hey Jaclyn, the wedding was in my Dad's paddock, outside of Coffs Harbour. (About 6 hours drive up the Coast from Sydney.) It's beautiful and peaceful and very very green there xx


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