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Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Olive,

Good things have been happening to us ...
1. We said hello to a new tooth. We're hopeful this means we'll be saying goodbye to the grizzly sleepless you that's been visiting.
2. Dadda finished his job and is home with us for three weeks. I know, I've said this before, but this time I really, truly mean it. Hooray!
3. I went out to a fun party. A cool, adult party with margeritas and yummy mexican catering. Your Dadda played in his band while you were looked after by your Uncle Hayes and Aunty Sarah. You even drank a bottle and went back to sleep for them. Wonders never cease.
4. After 8 years, my lovely friend Kim has returned home from London. Unfortunately, she hung out with you at the height of your teething fiesta. Just as well she's here for good, there'll be lots more chances for you to charm her.
5. Lots of exciting invitations have arrived in to fun events in the next few weeks. Anyone for babysitting?

Not so good things have have also been happening to us ...
1. Sargeant Pepper has not been seen in these parts for two days. She's not been home for longer before. But, still...
2. My sewing machine broke, bringing my impressive run of bloomers to an annoying, abrupt end. Very, very VERY frustrating. So frustrating, that I threw an embarrassingly immature tantrum.
3. In an unbelievable twist of luck, your head took a direct hit from a stray frisbee as you innocently traversed the park, resulting in a most impressive egg shaped bruise. What are the chances. I had to try not to laugh as I comforted you, it was a funniest home videos moment right there.


Jgee said...

Poor little lady with her teeth and the kamikaze frisbee. Hope she's on the mend. On the positive, yeah for lots of family time with Dada off work for a bit. I always love it when my husband is about for a while. Days to cherish.

Tat said...

Sorry, I had to laugh just reading about the frisbee. Hope Sargeant Pepper making an appearance soon. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

momma j lee ♥ said...

oh poor baby girl... just not her day!
but for mama, margeritas, fun nights, daddy home and friends back together, sounds devine!

Anika said...

Is Pepper back?? I hope so! xx


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