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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Olive,

I'm experiencing a touch of what your Dadda calls the give-ups. The dirty dishes sit unwashed and so do I. I can't really be bothered. I'm too fricken tired from getting up so many times during the night. (Sorry to use swear-like language, I'm trying to be really, really emphatic here.) I'm at a loss - a loss as to why you're such a problem sleeper, and a loss as to what I should do about it. You're 12 months old. Surely you don't need me to come in every three hours or so and feed you or pat you back to sleep. What's that? You do? Rightio then. The absurd thing is, none of this appears to be a problem for you. You're coming along in leaps and bounds, with all your words and learning. You're even starting to say poo to me as you're doing one. It's me who this is hard on. Which is why I'm still feeding you during the night when you ask me for it. Who am I to say that you don't know what's best for you. Unfortunately, you may just do your dear old Mum in along the way.

PS I haven't quite worked out the best way to use it, but loving the effect of tilt shift generator app ... thanks be to this blog for introducing it to me.


Lizeylou said...

I can completely understand where you are coming from .... I had 3 kids under 4 and even if I did get bubbie to sleep through the night one of the others would wake up and need me (and I still often end up with one in my bed!!) I hope if I send some sleepy vibes to your house it may just work. Good luck cause lets face it lack of sleep just sucks!

amanda evans said...

lil winter has a pain in the tummy (or as my mum calls it pain in the bingey) and so in between her tiny naps in which i have to keep going back to rock her i have been catching up on the olive goss.. god i love your blog! its time to teach olive the sign language for 8 hours sleep! she is by far best dressed!!!
xx and ps you are so skinny these days! i love the pic of u at beach in speedos and fedora! and love the bob... am thinking of cutting my locks now too

Jgee said...

Poor Mama. Being tired and sleep deprived sucks, there is nothing remotely nice about it bar from the fact that you are giving your baby girl some Mama's milky goodness. Hope it is only short term.

Alex Sunday said...

eek, so that's what i have to look forward to?! :) actually, it comes as no surprise - sleep deprivation seems to be the biggest complaint. but still at 12 months?! ok, now i'm worried. a friend ended up getting a sleep specialist in for advice (for the baby, not for herself!). worked a treat.
(loving tilt shift animation too. there's a nice piece shot at bondi (by keith loutit, with music by washington) which is part of the "youtube/play biennial". you should take a look!).

captain kk said...

oh man, i feel for you. every 3 hours is tough. really tough. i don't know how you're still functioning. we had an issue with mirka's sleep at around the same age when she just wouldn't go down to sleep at her night time bed time without major crying & drama. it seemed to coincide with her learning to walk and a big developmental stage.. anyway we resorted to driving her around for an hour each night to get her to sleep.. went on for about 3 weeks. it was exhausting but once she was asleep she would sleep all night, so i don't know how you're coping with continued sleep interruption throughout the night. we also went to see a wonderful pediatrician in melb who used to run the sleep clinic thing at the children's hospital. she was really friendly & practical & not a meanie "just let them scream" type doc.. even though mirka was sleeping well again by the time we saw her, it was still good to go to the appointment & chat about it. don't know if that helps, but don't be shy about telling yourself you're doing an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else I know where you are coming from. It is the absolute pits. Starting to co-sleep after 18 months of no sleep changed my life - but I know that it isn't the solution for everyone.

Wouldn't it be grand if there really was a sleep fairy?

Anika said...

All that breastmilk - it's probably why she is a genius in the first place!!!

You're doing an awesome job, Kel. xoxoxo

CASPER said...

Ah sleep deprivation can twist your head hey! I hope your little one starts sleeping through soon enough. Olive looks super cute and healthy and happy, so you must be doing al the right things.


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