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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Olive,

Big news. We've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from Luna Landing. Such a funny thing, a blogging award. Who creates these awards in the first place? And do I even want to be versatile? According to the dictionary, versatile means adaptable to many uses and functions. Unless, of course you're an owl, in which case it refers to your toes moving forwards and backwards. Luna did point out that these awards rather resemble a chain letter, increasing exponentially as they're passed on. Chain letter or not, an awards an award right, so we'll accept it with humble thanks. I'm to link back to the person who awarded it to me, divulge seven things about myself, and pass it on to seven great blogs I've recently started following (letting them know via a comment). Anyway, it's a good opportunity for you to learn a few more things about me. So, here goes.

1. For a few months when I was about 8, I wore a pinafore (given to me by my Aunt on return from a trip to South America) and red ankle boots. Every single day. I would only respond to parents, teachers, friends, anyone, if they called me Heidi. (Yes, this was directly following reading the story of Heidi, her mountain goats and her poorly cousin Clara.)

2. There've been a few dark times on nights you've kept me awake, awake and awake. I've lost control and yelled at you with fury in my body, scaring both of us. I feel really, really guilty about it.

3. When I was 14, my family took a 2 month trip through the Northern Territory and Queensland in a caravan. Mum read aloud the Lord of the Rings trilogy to pass away the hours in the car. An incentive to behave was "splurge day" - the delectable promise that when we reached the gold coast (our final stop before home), we could have a day where we were allowed to do whatever we want and, more importantly, EAT whatever we want (as sugar-deprived children of naturopaths, this was huge). Think chocolate croissants, mixed lollies, chips and iced chocolates. And that was just for breakfast. Splurge day is still a highlight. I hope our little family can do something like this together one day. (A caravan trip, not splurge day.)

4. Every single boyfriend I've ever had has played the drums. From my first real boyfriend in high school, to your Dad. Weird coincidence or not.

5. My earliest memory is of my sister being born. I was 5 and it was in Mum and Dad's bedroom in our house in Woolwich. The neighbours and their kids were there too and it was super super exciting. I vividly remember seeing Anika's head coming out with lots of black hair. I'm pretty sure that warm experience helped me not to feel frightened of labour when it came to my turn.

6. A single mosquito buzzing around the room is enough to prevent me from sleeping. This runs in my family - in summer my Dads been known to sleep with one hand on the vacuum cleaner button while the other holds the nozzle. Ready to suck up the offender in a flash. Ticking clocks also pose the same problem, I have been known to remove batteries.

7. At almost every wedding I've ever been to, I've given a speech. Unrehearsed and, even more embarrassing, unrequested.

The blogs I'm passing this onto are ...
1. Make Love Not Waugh
2. Little Paper Trees
3. On the First Day of Marriage
4. Two Tuesdays
5. Mogantosh
6. In Search of the Real Captain KK
7. Sunday Collector


Nell said...

I love your seven facts. Especially the one about everyone having to call you Heidi. That's genius. I used to love that book when I was younger. My Grandma must have read it to my sister and I 100 times. And thank you for passing the award on to me and my little blog. I'm with you, an award's an award, right?! I'll be posting my 7 things tomorrow. Thank you lovely lady. I'm rather chuffed about this xx

Lizeylou said...

I love your 7 facts too ... how weird about the drums! And I laughed when I read about calling yourself Heidi. You sound like you were a fun kid. I also love the blogs you have passed this on to ... some of them are my fav's too.

Melanie Waugh said...

thanks Kel, that's brilliant.Poor poor Clara, I remember her xxx

Jgee said...

What sweet, lovely facts. I am sure Olive will love knowing them one day. Warts n all facts are the best. I love the sound of splurge day and totally hear your frustrations re night time fury. My little man sleeps through now but I remember in the early days it took every bit of might not to lose it.


Lovely words Kelly, and thanks for passing on the award to Sunday Collector. I will try and pass it on this week, my writing isn't as clever as yours though! Briar x

momma j lee ♥ said...

Haha... I love your #7!
Very cute post, I'm sure Olive will appreciate learning these little facts about you one day.

Little Paper Trees said...

an award? oh my I'm blushing - thank you!! will have to drum up some interesting bits and post them tomorrow. x

Mia said...

Fantastic Kellie - enjoyed learning all these interesting things about you. Re boyfriends with drums does this mean your husband gets nervous when a male friend drops by with a bongo?

Alex Sunday said...

love your honesty. and your humour. :)

Rachael @Mogantosh said...

This really made me laugh, Heidi. Actually probably the best list of its kind I've seen on the web. I want to add splurge day to my to-do list. I'm shockingly crap at getting to these memes, but will try and be better. Thanks so much. x

captain kk said...

hello, thanks for the award.. i've finally done my 7 things, but just realised i didn't pass it on to 7 others.. der!


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