Be My Valentine

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Olive,

Today is love day. Not so much about how I love you, more about how I love your Dad. He's a great man. Handsome, loyal, musical. He sends me crazy (in good and bad ways). He teaches me things about myself. He is an outstanding parent and dancer. He makes me cups of tea in bed. He makes me laugh like no one else can. I hope Shane and I are still loving each other long after you've grown up.

If you come out to the lounge room after you've gone to bed tonight, you may just find us dancing to this song. 

Happy Valentines Day Shane xx


Anonymous said...

There is something ever so lovely about Jeff Tweedy's voice. The perfect song for love day.

The Franglaise said...

Gorgeous melody - i love that song. Hope you and Shane have a wonderfully romantic day. Bises xx

Lizeylou said...

Any guy that can dance and makes cups of tea in bed wins my heart .... I hope your night is wonderful!


Such a gorgeous blog post. Thanks for the birthday wishes - Jimmy is so beautiful too! B x

Madeleine said...

Beautiful post. I had a little tear! So lucky to be happy in love...I pinch myself often! Hope you had a lovely night x


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