Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Olive,
The weekend, as it stands for each of us.
You: classic (and severe) case of cutting molars, with all the accoutrements - grizzliness, running nose, clinginess, sleeplessness and extreme clumsiness as demonstrated by continually falling over/off bed/walking into doors.
Me: classic (and severe) case of the give-ups, characterised by remaining pyjama-clad and unshowered throughout the day. Contemplation of passing off said pyjamas as outer wear on trip to shop. Also exhibiting mild feelings of resentment towards your Dad (see below).
Dad: enjoying immensely his weekend away playing a few shows in Melbourne.

PS later that night ... I can confirm mild feelings of resentment have dissipated upon receipt of a photo of new shoes purchased in Melbourne by a certain someone for me!


Anonymous said...

PJs make for ace outerwear; shoes make up for everything (almost)


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