It's a Century!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear Olive,

This is my 100th letter to you. I do hope you've enjoyed them. It's certainly been a rewarding - almost therapeutic - outlet for me and I've loved getting to meet other Mums and bloggers too. Anyway, I had so much fun with the red that I thought I'd show you some more colour from around the house. I know I'm not the greatest photographer but indulge me a little here, it's meant to be a celebration!


one claire day said...

Congratulations on the centenary! I love that your blog is composed of letters to Olive that she can one day read! Such a great idea...Make sure you print and bind a hard copy when you're done (if ever). Love the cute top/dress and lantern!
claire x

The Franglaise said...

Thanks for sharing these one hundred letters with us. Blogging is sure a great therpeutic outlet for our thoughts. I love the colours around your house and fyi, i think you are a bit hard on yourself - your photos are petty cool! bonne journée xx

ejorpin said...

Not a photographer? Bah! I think your angles and framing of all these items around your house is beautiful, I especially like the lantern - lovely!


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