Blue Suede Shoes

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Olive,
Your teethy nose from the weekend quickly turned into a full-blown snotty, coughy, fevery, sleep-preventing cold. It was dreadful. You've never had a cough before and it was heartbreaking to hear it. And after a few nights with barely any sleep, I've succumbed to some sort of a head cold type thing too. I know it's silly, but whenever you've been sick (which luckily, has been rarely), I can't help but feel it's because of something I have or haven't done. Too much sugar when I was pregnant perhaps? Or not enough zinc? Naturopath Guilt*, it's worse than Catholic Guilt, I tell you. 
My very lovely new desert boots your even lovelier Dadda picked up for me in Melbourne. Life ain't all bad when you're in blue suede shoes.

*Both my parents being Naturopaths.


Lizeylou said...

Poor bubba doesn't sound very well at all .... but how fantastic are your shoes - LOVE THEM!!

zigsma said...

Gosh - where in Melbourne do you buy those shoes? It's hard when the wee ones are sick. Poor little things. And so much snot. Where does all the snot come from?

The Franglaise said...

Never had a cough before?! wow, Olive is a super baby! You must have done only right stuff during your pregnancy, not wrong. Love the shoes. Shane has good tastes!

Anonymous said...

Poor wee Olive; I hope she feels much much better today. Love love LOVE those blue suede shoes.

Madeleine said...

Sorry to hear little olive is fun at all.
The shoes however are 110% fun and fabulous! Love them!
Good work husband, good work x

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment. I hope your little one is feeling better. I'm going through the same thing at the moment, argh! xx ps i have those same shoes but bought them here in Germany. Good taste lady ;)

Kristi said...

loving those desert boots.


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