Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Olive,
Neither Shane or I feel the need to make a massive deal out of mothers day*. I think until the day you can get excited about it, we won't make too much fuss. Instead, I thought about my Mum. Every time I talk to you about her it's filled with sadness about how much I miss her, so here are some happy memories and funny facts about my Mum.
Mum used to bring her guitar in once a week and sing with my primary school class (mostly funny old folk/peace songs). Which was great fun, at the alternative school we went to in Sydney. But when we moved to the country and started attending the conservative, local primary school, it seemed the height of embarrassment to have Mum come in to sing, with her floor length skirts and hippy tunes. No one elses parents came in to our class. And when Mum used to get the guitar out of the case, she wouldn't bend her knees. The whole class could see her bum. The shame of it! 
The day I nervously started high school, in my first class, the teacher stopped at my name in roll call. Ah, Kellie, I think I met your Mum at the P&C meeting last night. It was the same at all my classes. Mum had apparently been quite a force at the first meeting. And when word got around the playground that my Mum was trying to ban junk food in the canteen, I wasn't exactly the most popular kid at school for a few days! 
But people loved her, many of my high school teachers came to her funeral (it was years since any of us had attended) and told us how determined and fiery she could be, with a warm smile on their face. 
One day Mum and I picked up all the rubbish that littered our country road from the nearby McDonalds and drove around their car park and drive through, throwing it out the window piece by piece.
Mum could sometimes get a bit lively on a little too much wine. In fact, she was even apparently obscenely drunk when she married Dad. She didn't even remember the ceremony. (Sorry, Mum, I know you'd be so embarrassed to know I let that one slip!) 
The most important thing about her, was the unconditional love and support and friendship she gave me. It endures in me to this day. She was such a fun, funny, intelligent, loving, strong Mum. I hope I can be the same for you. 
*Having said that, I did receive a sleep-in, cool trackies, yummy breakfast, flowers and the most beautiful Banksy card. A blank Banksy card. Which was left, with a pen. Shane suggestion was how about I fill it out myself and he could sign at the bottom?!


zigsma said...

Your Mum sounds like quite the character. I'm sure she'd be so proud of the mum you are to Olive. Happy Mother's Day! x

one claire day said...

Lovely to hear about your fun memories of your Mum - sounds like she had spirit and passion that I'm sure has left a mark on the world.
You are doing a great job with Olive - I'm a total stranger, and even I can see that.

x claire

P.S - Love that Banksy card... be very generous to yourself when you fill it out! x

Madeleine said...

You will be all those things to Olive. I just know it.
Thank you for sharing all your lovely memories with us. You're mama sounds like she was brilliant and a lot of fun.

Alex Sunday said...

lovely. what beautiful memories you have.

Anonymous said...

The sweetest mothers day idea ever! Love it - definitely write about how wonderful you are.

captain kk said...

great post!
p.s. it sounds like you celebrated mother's day to me :)


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