Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Olive,
This is not so much a letter to you .... but a thank you to all the wonderful people who wrote the most lovely and supportive words on my last post. You gave me smiles and tears and warmth (Kristen you gave me a belly laugh). It really means an enormous amount and it's made me love this little world of blog even more. Full of people who clearly understand that some choices made as a parent are super complex. And don't necessarily define you. I work because it makes me happy. Simple as that, I don't feel the need to justify it. I feel secure that I'm a good Mum to Olive. But gee it's wonderful to hear it. Thank you. I wish I could pick a happy little posy for each and everyone of you.

You all KNOW I didn't take this photo. Image from here.


Alex Sunday said...

i was thinking about you all day yesterday after reading your last post (i intended to comment, but with a 7 month old... well, you understand!!). so glad that everyone's comments made you feel better and put things back into perspective. olive is so obviously a happy child with a loving mum!!

Francesca said...

glad we made you feel better. x

one claire day said...

Anytime, Kel. I love getting my claws out ;) x

Small Catalogue said...

I actually think that sometimes people being hideously rude helps put things in perspective. Like when I've been really putting myself down about my appearance and someone (usually one of my brothers) makes a cutting and not in jest comment. I see that I'm actually being as harsh and unhelpful as they are and really none of it is true? If you get my arse about reasoning. So, while I am absolutely heartbroken that some callous anonymous tool felt the need to ruin your day - I'm truly happy that it has made you feel a bit stronger in your resolve. Because you are an awesome mum and a hugely talented worker-bee and you definitely should be able to do both without feeling bad or being made to feel bad.

Ok stopping now. Drivel.


Tash said...

You're a wonderful mom! How dare anyone judge or make you feel badly for doing what you have to do! My mom was a working mom, she nursed night shifts the hospital growing up and my dad would make our dinner and put my sister and me to bed whenever needed. I can only hope to be as good a mom as my mother! I have a huge amount of respect for working moms and what they do for their family's well being!

The Franglaise said...

You are a fantastic mother and only you and Shane know what is best for Olive. Full stop. No one should be here to judge you and the choices you make. Bisous!!!


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