Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Olive,
Two things worthy of a mention today.
1. I finished up my full time job yesterday and am back at home with you. I'm feeling a bit mixed about it, I ended up loving that job. But, of course, I also adore you. And man we've had some sweet cuddles this morning.
2. We're both wearing skirts. This is highly unusual. In fact, I think it might even be a first.


::The Beetle Shack:: said...

I need the inside scoop on this job!! Seriously, you got my heart a pumpin' the other day!

I know how you feel re. the job thing- its hard to be two people at once.

xo em

Lila said...

I've always found it hard to balance the love of working and wanting to be home with my babies. The ideal for me is when there at school working school hours but it's so hard getting an interesting job that fits in that slot.
Hope your mornings are always filled with awesome cuddles.

CASPER said...

uggling the work child thing is tough and emotional, for me anyway. Love the green tights and the green grass.

Francesca said...

i know, it's never simple is it. we love our little ones but unfortunately still need more. loving olive today. gus has one of those buggies, drives me crazy, he wants to take it everywhere, mostly up and down the stairs. i'd like it to mysteriously disappear! x

Lizeylou said...

I always love your outfits ... makes my jeans and grey tshirt look very very boring!

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

The whole working mama thing is something I haven't had to really think about. Yet. But I can totally understand how nice it would be to have a break and do something else. It also helps if that something else is a job you love!
You both look wonderful as always. Espesh love your top Kellie. Happy weekending xx

Small Catalogue said...

You girls look colour lovely!

Nell said...

Love the purple of your top against the green green grass.

And the sweet cuddles make it all worth it. xx

ejorpin said...

Umm, these look like shoes of awesome! Gorgeous vibrant colours too :)


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