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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dear Olive,
Without mincing words, life lately has been pretty shitty. I started a new job a month ago, and it's been really full on - a long commute, long hours, and for the last week and a half I've been fighting a cold. Which turned into the flu a couple of days ago. That you got. When you were at kindy yesterday. I had to leave work and pick you up. And today Shane and I are tag teaming you while we're at work because you're not allowed back at kindy until Monday. AAAHHHHHH. All I want to do is feel well and enjoy this amazing Spring weather. But all I should be doing is crawling into bed. I'll just drink my bone broth and ginger tea and hopefully my body can do the rest.
PS There are lots of great things to look forward to. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks (I'm planning a picnic with friends), and we'll be back in the water soon, too. I'll have to keep these at the fore of my mind next week, because next week Shane goes away for work - for the whole week. I cannot in my right mind fathom how I'm going to cope!

Photo by Gui.


Cat said...

Oh no:( I hope you all feel well soon and that you can get the rest that you need to get better. Take care go easy. xx

Astred*designcherry said...

Oh god we had that horrible juggle a few weeks ago too. Sickness, no child care and absent partners.
You will survive. It's shit but you will.
Hooray for birthdays to look forward to

Anonymous said...

Hope you're better soon. we've had one of those horrible lingering ones for weeks. I really hope you don't have to suffer much more.

Unknown said...

big hugs to you, beautiful. I hope good health breaks through over the weekend. dinner for next week - alternate vegemite toast and some form of eggs.. be kind to yourself - take all the shortcuts you can! xx

Unknown said...

Wish I could drop off my chicken soup to you. Take care xxxx


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