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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dear Olive,
Judging by how absolutely goddamn knackered beyond belief I am each night, growing a baby is crazy hard work for a body. I'm trying to keep to a healthy and varied diet* (after not eating many grains for so long, it was interesting to see how many carbs I was craving in that first trimester?!), and along with the addition of some daily supplements, I'm (hopefully) helping my body to (hopefully) grow a healthy and bright baby. I'm finding it rather hard work fitting all these in each day - especially seeing as there's usually already a meal in there!
I'd love to know what supplements/dietary additions other people think are important for pregnancy? I'm yet to start taking cod liver oil, but I think I will towards the end of my pregnancy, and certainly will while I'm breastfeeding.
(*I'm hardly doing this to the T, but it's interesting reading: diet for pregnant women.) 

PS This post was not sponsored by BioCeuticals!


Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

B12 and folate were the two I kept up throughout pregnancy - fish oils in last six weeks or so. It sure is amazing to sit back and remind yourself how amazing our bodies are! I hope your energy returns soon xx

Katie: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

I took a vitamin D supplement during my last pregnancy after I found I was severely deficient (although I did spend 8 months inside on full bed rest so that may be why!)

Also I have been reading so much more research lately (I'm halfway through a degree in Nutritional Medicine) about the benefits of EPA/DHA (Omega 3's) during pregnancy.. BioCeuticals make a brilliant one called UltraClean EPA/DHA. (So you can single handedly keep that company afloat!)


Rachel Elizabeth said...

That is a lot of vitamins. I was on a prenatal, folic acid, and B12 when I was pregnant.

Jesi Passepartout said...

Folic acid, lots of iron (Floradix is a miracle worker!) and raspberry leaf tea were my staples. I dealt with horrible morning sickness and anemia throughout pregnancy, I remember in my first trimester all I could eat was chicken tenders! :D

Jac Calvert said...

Magnesium, preferably in a powder that you can dissolve in water, otherwise a tablet is good. Stops cramping legs at night in bed! And is also good to have during labour.
But I see you have something of a muscle relaxant already in there which may be along these lines..
Good luck with it!

melania said...

The supplement I'm on is an Organic Iron boost with Iron, B vitamins , C, Zinc and Folic Acid. It's made for vegans (I'm not vegan) and suits pregnancy also. I've just doubled it due to low iron stores (which is not new for me, fortunately my Haem is very good). Over time I've considered whether to take Vit D and Magnesium. I've also looked at recommended levels of necessary intake and considered what vitamins etc I would already be gaining from it, adding the supplemental amount on top. I get quite confused and a bit conflicted about it all. Especially when it comes to things like Vit D - the test they use is expensive and not the most accurate either... And the debate about how the levels are set to begin with... I'm hoping that by being healthy, aware, and having a little bit of help on the way, that things will turn out just fine.

I'm into the third trimester now so will do a bit more reading about this later stage/into breastfeeding. Thanks for the link to the diet - it is very interesting and useful to consider what I'm eating at the moment. So did you let loose with the carbs or stick to your previous habits?!! I went off food in the first trimester, strong smells, curries, cooking - I was happy with a bowl of fruit, seeds, yoghurt and coconut! It took me a while to get my appetite back but I'm happy to report that curry is back on the menu. As is my cooking mojo.

one claire day said...

Oh it's so exhausting isn't it! I'm sure you're growing a very healthy babe in there.

I didn't take any supplements whatsoever.... oops! x

Kristi said...

prenatal, liquid zinc, magnesium, probiotics, fish oils, herbs and more herbs, and floral essences for my emotions

ps. huge congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I adore Bioceauticals. I took EPA/DHA, Pre Natal and B12. I found acupuncture to really help with the fatigue. Ok now I'm clucky xx

Unknown said...

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jade said...

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