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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear Olive,
Legs up the wall in the lounge room, legs up the wall in the sunroom, legs up the wall in the bedroom (lovely ornate ceilings there!), legs up the wall in Thirroul. 
I'm suffering from - horrors of horrors! - varicose veins; so very unsightly and actually rather painful (especially after a particularly long day of standing up at work when some basically exploded!). I'm finding a little exercise followed by some lying on the floor with my legs up the wall gives me a bit of relief. On especially hot days, I stand in a bucket of cold water for a while before I put my legs up.
Sadly, compression socks are the next stop.
Would love to hear any wonderful tips or suggestions to help?


Jane S said...

Hi Kellie, I sympathise! I also developed varicose veins in my first pregnancy and they got worse with my second pregnancy.

Without sharing too much information they went all the way up my legs and beyond. The good news is they subsided as soon as I gave birth but did not completely disappear. I have one in my lower leg that one day (when I have the courage) I hope to get 'fixed'.

When pregnant I slept with a pillow under my feet and legs to try and get some relief. I tried compression stockings but eventually found them awkward and irritating. Interesting photos of your walls! Good luck :)

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Oh you poor thing, they are horrible. I got them badly with both pregnancies and am dreading it again this time around. Compression socks were my only saviour...but horrible in the heat!!! Thinking of you and in the meantime, the pics in this post are hilarious and show a great new perspective!! lol. Love your nail colour x

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the veins just massive swelling and I can tell you the socks, while ugly and hot were a savior!
Hope the pain doesn't last.

Gaby said...

not unsightly, seriously! but i do feel for you.

so nice to see you guys today xx

melania said...

Aw Kellie :-(

Recently one of my friends mentioned accupuncture as being extremely helpful for her and varicose veins in pregnancy.

Hoping you're ok. I have a pair of sexy pressure socks if you need - apparently they are worth $80! Not sure if they're the same that are used for veins...

x Melania

Leanne said...

My advice would be to look after those veins! I have awful poppy out veins from my pregnancy with Olly. Theyare on the backs of my knees nd at the top of my inner thigh (!). They are unsightly and I am seriously thinking of getting them removed. They can be painful too.

Leanne xx

Unknown said...

Everyone in my family has this...although my Mum is a naturopath herself and pretty fit and healthy, she just had them done with a new and very easy procedure. She did it in Germany but I am sure they do that here too.
They kind of laser the veins.
Its a very small simple procedure and my Mums legs are fine now. Don't know what it would be called in English but worth researching!

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

oh Kell, ouch. I know that pain very well (and the night time leg cramps- I got those too).

You know, I say get the compression socks and maxi dresses and skirts. Be shameless.

Big love to you lady.

In other news, when the bloody hell are we going to get some bump photo's - the suspense is killing me


Unknown said...

Sorry no I had mine stripped about 10 years ago and they are back I am not overweight just hereditary ,horrible things I sympathise with you ,you can have them injected though ,look into it x

Catherine Wijnberg said...

I've just had my 2nd baby and was told before having kids that I would need to get my veins 'done' after having kids as varicose veins don't cope well with pregnancy. My naturopath put me on an iron supplement (Orthoplex Heme 100) 4 tabs/day along with a B12 to help absorption. I swear by this combo and although a little unsightly when I stand for long periods I don't get any of the dull pain that usually comes with these beauties and I've got through 2 pregnancies without throbbing legs! I've recommended this combo to others who have also had amazing results!

Natalie @ the little gnomes home said...

Oh no Kellie! but I do love your photos :)

Varicose veins linked with high estrogen/ low progesterone. Take a read here for some very rather brilliant independent science - http://www.functionalps.com/blog/2013/05/16/estrogen-and-varicose-veins/

increasing your progesterone levels (organic dairy rich in progesterone or perhaps supplement with something natural like this

PLUS a diet focusing on digestible foods with sufficient non inflammatory protein & sugar/ simple carbs essential (small frequent meals best to maintain blood sugar)

PLUS raw carrot salad daily (in btw meals) to help detox estrogen and endotoxin

lots of other things - however I am sure this is enough "food for thought"

good luck,
Natalie x

Nikki Fisher said...

oh no! Kellie what we women go through to get those babes here. Love your photos though by the way. I think Natalie from Little Gnomes Home has things well and truly covered, reading her comment was fascinating! And I am with Em bump photos please :) take care. go slow. delegate. is my advice xx

Anonymous said...

My friend just had her veins stripped surgically (with laser). It was a relatively quick process (in for an hour or so) and the impact has been remarkable. She can do so much more now.

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

On no! Ouch! I hope the pain goes. I do love putting my legs up the wall! Can't do much else but just be! x

Iliska Dreams said...

I got them in the legs badly with Jarvis (second pregnancy) I stood all day every day at work. To add to the horror and indignity I also got one in my perineum. No compression socks to help that beauty! Legs up as much as you can, compression socks, good soft shoes, and lots of water.


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