32 weeks

Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear Olive,
Pregnancy is a funny thing; I'd forgotten just how taxing it is. What with the shortness of breath, wild emotions, not being able to bend over, those middle of the night leg cramps bringing me frantically out of sleep, varicose veins, achy swelling legs, uncomfortable growing pains, feeling like I'm going to explode after every meal, and just the sheer general exhaustion of it all - it can be downright bloody hard! And aside from all the physical discomfort, there's the having to come to terms with my body changing so much, in a way that's seemingly out of my control. But somehow, in spite of it all, this pregnancy has really grown on me. And I've been feeling really lovely in it - healthy and strong, nutritionally sound, and, apart from my much whinged about achy swelly varicose-y leg problem (and the fact that I seem to be growing a snowy beard on the side of my face!), it all feels really rather great. And it's wonderful to be able to find the magic in it all; it is a truly special and amazing time. (And I suppose this time around, I'm even more aware of the enormity of love just around the corner!)
Finishing up full time work has been a terrific thing for my energy levels - it's absolute bliss having the time (and energy) to take a walk and a swim in the morning, and my slower days typically include an afternoon involving plenty of lying down! (Although I suppose a lot of this will change a bit once Shane starts his new full time job in a week.) I'm still working casual days, but it's just a couple per week and after the relentlessness of full time work last year it kind of feels like I've hit that perfect (and elusive) work balance jackpot. And you and I have been getting to spend lots of time just the two of us, which I'm remembering to soak up, seeing as soon it'll be the three of us.
Even being pregnant in summer hasn't been as bad as what I was fearing - I'm appreciating living near the beach, it's definitely the coolest spot in Sydney and it's amazing being able to get in the water so often. And actually, that searing middle of the day summer heat provides me with the perfect excuse to retreat to the cool of the indoors, and be generally rather lazy.
All in all, at 32 weeks pregnant, I'm feeling very blessed.

(Pregnancy reading: Dr Mercola's guide to a naturally healthy pregnancy - much of this is common sense, but there are lots of great links at the end of the article.)


ashley said...

i remember so well that final stage. not working, resting and walking. the ocean, the calm. soak it up dearest lady. so close! xx

Gaby said...

I loved going to the beach for a swim when I was pregnant, and now I hardly ever get to go because clementine is so pale! Let's have another swim date soon, with swimmers this time ;) x

Belinda said...

When I was in the last stages of pregnancy, the water was my main craving, even if it was just the bath. I would lay for hours reading on my day off.
You make me miss pregnancy so much. I photographed a birth last week and I went home and said to Brad, 'I want more babies'. xx

Belinda said...

When I was in the last stages of pregnancy, the water was my main craving, even if it was just the bath. I would lay for hours reading on my day off.
You make me miss pregnancy so much. I photographed a birth last week and I went home and said to Brad, 'I want more babies'. xx

Joanna said...

oh man, 37 weeks here and I am well and truly over it (and feeling like a whale). But yes, like you, just feeling pretty blessed really, and trying to enjoy the last little time of being a family of three! Glad that you can enjoy it and particularly those beach swims... bliss! In leg crampy, exhaustiony solidarity... Jo xx

Nell said...

Looking so gorgeous Kel! Love that dress. I've just had to go on a spree to get some clothes that actually fit.

So glad you're feeling happy and well. I'm savouring every second just Phiney and I too and, with everything that is going on, focusing on how so much love and happiness is just around the corner.

Much love xx

akenney said...

Oh goodness, it is intense business. I had some restless legs and that was so hard! Lots of stretching and rubbing and ginger tea.
Sending love.

Jesi said...

You're almost there! I never experienced any of the usual pregnancy ailments but instead just ha the very wonderful experience of having to have my gallbladder removed at 14 weeks and getting a blood infection at 30! (Can you pinpoint my sarcasm? Hahahaha) this has left me a bit wary of becoming pregnant again, also the prospect of dealing with my almost three year old while having morning sickness, no thank you! Reading this though reminds me that through the pain and worries, there is such a reward in bringing new life to this earth, in experiencing the joy of a baby. I'll probably wait until Passepartout is almost 5, but it's stories like yours that make me hopeful to perhaps add just one more little to our family. :)

Alex Sunday said...

well all this post managed to do was make me wish i were pregnant again! i've loved my 2 pregnancies. glad you're feeling so relaxed and healthy. xo

tea with lucy said...

32 weeks already!

Check out the gorgeous bondi tan on you. in the water is just a bout the best place to be when you're pregnant, i think!

rachel xo

ps made the coconut black rice breakfast pudding today on your recommendation. loving it!

Rachel said...

Wait...what?! Your are 32 weeks??? You are TINY! Fabulous belly!

Nikki Fisher said...

Thankyou Kellie the photo we have all been waiting for! Looking gorgeous. Very happy to read you are being well nourished, when is life not all about the food I ask you?! :) xx

Unknown said...

I can't wait to feel ALL the beauty and pain of pregnancy! I hope ;)

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