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Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Olive,
I was clearly a little rash on my post suggesting it was going to be a slow process for CC to take to eating. Within days, he was on three square meals a day, opening up his little mouth to everything and anything, and quite a lot of it. Nothing, thus far, has proven offensive to his palate (even cat kibbles). 
I have a far deeper knowledge of nutrition these days, and I think I've done a better job with his food than I did with you - which could suggest something about how he took to it. Either way, he has reduced his breastfeeds (astounding!) because he's eating so much nutrient dense* food. His favourites - and pretty much everyday staples - are egg yolk, avocado, bone broth, pumpkin, broccoli, pear, coconut milk yoghurt, and all meat and fish. He'll even happily eat lacto-fermented veggies.
To cut down on how many meals I'm cooking, I usually give him a version of what we're having. Tonight, we'll all eat the same roast chicken and veggies - his chicken will just be shredded up tiny and the pumpkin mashed up a bit, the broccoli he can eat by himself.  
I seize any leftovers and freeze them so there is usually at least one ready to go meal when time is scarce, and I've found the refillable squeezie pouches to be so handy if we're going out. (We use Little Mashies.) Pre-cooked frozen meatballs (grain free, and loaded with greens) have been working a treat as a quick meal for Clancy (and in your lunchbox) too.
I still haven't given him any grains yet, because babies lack the enzyme to properly digest them, and, rather sadly, he seems to not tolerant dairy (he gets sniffly and vomity whenever I eat any so I've been off it for months now).
My great friend Charlotte wrote a super piece about feeding babies here. (She's got lots of amazing recipes on her blog. And stand by for her book, coming out soon!)
*Ain't that the buzz word du jour.


Unknown said...

He sounds a lot like when we started Eve on solids, I thought it was just going to be a small addition but turns out she was a hungry little one!

Isn't it amazing the things we learn between babes?

Anonymous said...

Surely there's nothing more satisfying in the world than watching your children eat nutritious, healthy meals. I got a buzz from this post.

Unknown said...

You are a super muma. X

CASPER said...

Hoping this is the case for our little Estelle of 8 months. She started eating solids, eggs and avo and butter and chicken all her faves. Then stopped. And nothing but breast milk for over a month. But I keep telling myself she knows what she needs. Eating will happen one day.
PS love reading your blog again.

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