More Blue Mountains

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Olive,

We took a lovely late afternoon walk on our mini break. (I wish I took more photos of the incredible array of flowers in bloom, but alas, the conversation got the better of me. I loved that Toby cleverly dressed tonal to the cherry blossom, although come to think of it so did Jane, underneath the jacket.) Even though we're into Spring it was pretty chilly, there really is nothing like that crispy mountain air to get the blood pumping. Your little nose was bright red and absolutely freezing by the time we got home.

More pieces from the Ada handknit collection!

There was a large collection of vintage typewriters at the house. I love these!


Nicola said...

I love old typewriters too, I bought my boyfriend one for his birthday, and I love typing away on it. :)


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