cottage point weekend

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dear Olive,
We had a beautiful weekend away; bushwalking, fishing off a tinnie, hanging out with mates in front of the open fire, and eating waaaay too much good food. Sadly, our friends daughter ended up in hospital so a few couldn't make it, but the rest of us soaked it up. (Thankfully, it looks like our little friend will be ok. You made her a get well card that said "Dear Quincy, I love you. Naughty pain. Love Olive".) I found such a welcome inner quiet looking out onto the river through the gums. 
I haven't been able to go near the Hawkesbury without thinking about the traditional owners of the land ever since I read The Secret River a few years ago. It tells a devastating and haunting story of the first white people in that area and it's really had a lasting impact on me. Shane and I were moved to tears when we went past red hand cave on our bush walk and saw the hand prints left by the people who lived in that beautiful and rugged place first.


melania said...

How I love the Hawkesbury. Will have to get my hands on this book.


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