Tying and Dyeing

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Olive,

Something crafty happened during your sleep today. I decided to try my hand at tie dyeing a t-shirt for you. Working in costume, I've regular-dyed many garments at work (I actually really love dyeing). But my tie dyeing experience began and ended with a pretty dismal attempt at a few nylon slips back in the grunge days of the 90's. (The slips were to wear with my doc boots, of course.) So today, I looked up a few handy hints on the interweb to help me along. (If anyone needs a laugh a quick how to tie dye google search of images brings up some hippie gold.) Unfortunately, the dye I used wasn't quite strong enough for the method I chose but I still rather like the way it looks and, besides, this is only the first attempt. Taking orders now for baby tie dyed shirts!


Madeleine said...

Hi Kellie, so glad I found your blog. It's too lovely, really such a sweet idea. And Olive is gorgeous too! We were soooo close to calling Coco Olive. It's one of our very favorite names!
Thanks for your comment on the blog. Tantrums at 33 are not pretty but post-tantrum I sure felt better!
Great tie dyeing effort, I can just see Olive rocking out in this cute little number...and I'm so with you on the nylon tie dyed petticoats and docs...sigh, the memories! xx

Melanie Waugh said...

Do u take orders for grown up shirts? I love it xx


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