Happy New Year

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Olive,

It's been a big, wonderful year. A year full of laughter, tears (yours and mine), far too many sleepless nights, breast milk, loads upon loads of laundry, picnics in the park, walks on the beach. A year of living as a stay at home Mum and a year I learnt a huge amount about myself. A year that threw challenges my way that I never saw coming. But if I really sit down and reflect, above everything else, it's been full of love, glorious love. We've just arrived home from a wonderful two weeks away. A very fun Christmas at your Papa's house in the country with all my family, then it was down to Patonga where we saw in the new year with a bunch of beautiful friends. It feels like life is very being very good to us right now.

I'm not a big one for new years resolutions but somehow it feels appropriate so I am setting a few goals for you and I for the coming year. For me, I'd like to really learn how to meditate. I've been trying to meditate a little (I find it really hard) and I've become more and more intruigued into how I think it can help me in my life so I'd like to take a course. I want to eat more vegetarian, mostly from an environmental perspective. I want to get fit - an utter cliche as far as new years resolutions go, but rings true for me as I feel a tremendous, unsatisfied buzz of energy within my body to get active. But the big one for me (and presumably for many Mums out there), is to find something that satisfies at least some of my creative-financial-career goals without compromising too much on the type of parent I want to be to you. And for you? For you, I suppose all I really want is for you to continue to live your life surrounded by love. Happy New Year to my Olive.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Very inspirational resolutions. Looking forward to another year of your lovely take on the world. xx

Melanie Waugh said...

Lovely Post Kel xx

Jgee said...

Hsppy New Year. Love your resolutions, very close to mine. I'm going to post about the tomorrow me thinks. Looking forward to reading Dear Olive in 2011. x

LM_Toone said...

happy new year kel shane and olive!
im totally with you with the meditation, its a real life-changer (and my new years resolution is to do it more often too).

Madeleine said...

Happy new year Kellie! I am so glad I found your lovely blog. Looking so forward to reading more of your sweet letters to Olive.
Good luck with the resolutions! Xx

CASPER said...

Happy New Year! Your resolutions sound good to me. I didn't put any down on paper, put I know there are a few things I am going to do differently this year, infact I've already begun, hoorah! Goodluck with yours.


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