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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Olive,
Your life inside the house has amped up. The loving torment of Pepper continues with reckless abandon, despite daily bites and scratches and warning hisses. Puzzles, crayons and books are played with a level of skill which astonishes me. Your language comprehension is also incredible, you can follow complicated instructions and tasks to the letter. (This comes in handy at particularly lazy times - for example, you will happily search and find for me a requested item, say, a specific pair of shoes and then assist me with getting them on. Such a help.) You acquire a couple of new words every few days. Last night it was ear and this morning you said tree. You can also, through a combination of words, gestures, intonation and foot stamping, communicate with me - to the point that I'm quite certain I can understand, almost completely, everything you're trying to say. Running to the high chair when I announce it's lunch time and banging on the side of it whilst loudly exclaiming "yay!" leads me to deduce you are pleased about lunch. Ditto for the front door upon mention of going out. Running on the spot in sheer excitement of a choice book about to be read is also super cute. There is a lot of nudie time. A LOT. In fact, I think I can say with confidence that you've wee'd over the entire house. But it's ok because you've learnt to tell me and then to go and get a cloth nappy, wipe up the wee, and put the nappy in the nappy bucket. Such a help. Funny though, as although you favour being nude, wearing a hat or some type of head adornment is practically a must. Clothes of mine, or yours that are too big, are also acceptable attire, along with necklaces, ribbons and belts, but only if worn around the neck. You've slept with your rabbit for not quite your whole life but attachment to it has now reached fever pitch, goodness me if you can see it but can't reach it. You love giving the rabbit rides on your tonka truck and it also joins us for almost every book. (God forbid we should one day lose it!) It's really rather lovely. As are you, of course.


Jgee said...

Last photo= way too cute for words. She sounds like an absolute delight.

The Franglaise said...

What a sweet post. I loved reading every word. It is so moving to watch a child grow, learn and be happy! You seem like such a gentle and calm mama. I wish I lived in Aussie so we could meet up for coffee! Have a lovely weekend xx

one claire day said...

Hello Kellie,
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I was so surprised to see that other people might actually be reading it. So nice to know I'm not alone.
Your recent adventures with Olive make me very excited for the coming months, as our brand new little girl begins to grow up. x x

CASPER said...

Like Jgee, I especially love that last photo. This is a nice post, a great read. I am enjoying watching our little bean grow up too, going through the marvellous phases and being astounded at the speed at which he develops, physically and mentally.


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