Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Olive,
Multiple Choice. 
Question One: Which of the following has made this week crap?
a) razor blades in my throat
b) you having a particularly whingy and tantrumy few days
c) being thoroughly underwhelmed by the arrival of a package of clothes ordered online
d) Shane back at work and gone from the house 14 hours a day (we're missing him terribly)
e) hearing the aforementioned blissfully snoring away while I'm up with you multiple times through the night
f) all of the above

Question Two: Which of the following has improved this crap week?
a) my new pair of shoes
b) Shane defacing the pavement (I thought he was kidding when he told me!)
c) you being really funny - last night you picked a piece of fluff off the floor and said "fluff, came out Mummy's bottom"
d) my throat feeling better
e) did I mention my new shoes?
f) all of the above

How did you score? The answer to both questions is f) all of the above.


Jodi said...

Shoes are wonderful! Geez I hate shitty weeks. Your mantra: this too shall pass, this too shall pass. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

And the underwhelming clothes package - hmmm, not good!

Lila said...

Oh how 2c made me snort laugh, which I sorely needed right now. Hope the good parts obliterate the bad.

Nell said...

Loving the shoes. LOVE. And a great post xx

Jgee said...

Those shoes make up for all the shittiness, surely. They're hot. x

a jane day. said...

New shoes heal all.
Happy friday for tomorrow.
You have a very sweet blog!!
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Shoes win my heart everytime and yours are gorgeous!!

Kellie you have such a delightful blog here....I love that each post is written to your daughter, how amazing that in years to come she will have this online journal to reflect on and share with her own children :)

Isa said...

Oh what a beautiful blog! What a great idea to write letters to your daughter, and may I say, such gorgeous shoes and pants, too!

I'll be back.


fifi said...

oh snap - those shoes are amazing. if i wasn't moving to a place where shoes are optional i'd be kindly asking you where you bought them!

ashley said...

ahh, the old fluff bum. Love it, and the multiple choice test. So feel you on all of the above! Hope the weekend is sunnier, x ashley

Small Catalogue said...

Pretty dang awesome. Those shoes. They are.

fast times in münchen. said...

Her's to a less crappy next week! However, if it indeed turns out to be just as shitty then just remember - you can never have too many shoes! Love those oxfords. xx

fast times in münchen. said...


And more info on the underwhelming package please?

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

This post made me laugh...oh how I can relate!

one claire day said...

It's the lousy blogger friend here commenting six days late. I do love this post though... I giggled more than once. Love the shoes and the vandalism. x


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