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Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear Olive,
It's really all about food for me right now. Food is so good! This week, on a few occasions, I was reminded of (and related to) something my dear friend Jane said to me when we were both pregnant the first time - the main meal is just the way to get to the dessert. 
1. Chocolate mousse - you were initially extremely alarmed by the "moose" ingredient! The texture of it was unbelievably silky (although I must admit, I struggled a little with an avocado-y after taste, but you and Shane smashed it without mentioning anything - I think next time I'll just add a little more of the other ingredients to make sure the avocado is well and truly overpowered). (Recipe here.)
2. Herbs on the windowsill from a friends garden. My goal this year is to establish some potted herbs in our courtyard. Can't be too hard, right?
3. I cannot say enough good things about this black rice coconut pudding. Everyone needs to make it, IMMEDIATELY. It's a breakfast, it's a dessert, here it's an afternoon snack served with raspberries and coconut cream. (Recipe here.)
4. We had a few (very welcome) cooler mornings here this week, and you were overjoyed to go back to being served up porridge for breakfast. We make it by soaking whole oats in water overnight, with a little apple cider vinegar, and then cooking it up with chia seeds, water and raw milk. Honey is definitely not an optional extra for you; it's a must.
5. While not strictly a food, their name is food related - these pineapple flowers are not only awesome to look at, they have lasted and lasted. We've had these for two weeks and only now are the green tips beginning to brown.
6. And completely unrelated to food, I could watch and listen to you and Shane play for hours. (He has endless, enviable patience for your imaginary games.) Princess and Prince in da house!

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Katrina@capturingmoments said...

You've made me hungry!! Love that last photo so much, how fun!

Michelle said...

My kids love avocado chocolate mousse too, but like you I find the aftertaste a bit too avocado-y! Your other recipes sound great! Have a great week x

Iliska Dreams said...

Oh.... that last image is perfect

Gaby said...

Oh where do you buy raw milk? X

Kathy said...

That last photo is priceless. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh I do like chocolate mousse … yum

Anonymous said...

Your home always looks so happy, beautiful images as always.

Kate said...

oooh my goodness, yes please!

Natalie Mendham said...

Beautiful photos! That black rice pudding has totally sucked me in, going to look it up NOW! xx

Conversation Pieces said...

Adore the idea that "the main meal is just the way to get to the dessert."!! And those pineapple flowers are so amazing!

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